We assist corporations and organisations on the journey towards

Sustainability transformation

by integrating spearhead scientific insights from the sustainability field into business processes, in combination with applying established and emerging regulations, frameworks and standards such as CSRD/ESRS, SBTN, TNFD, and the EU Taxonomy.

We initiate, manage and support


We help you reach your project goals, while acknowledging relevant sustainability aspects as being a part of the project core.

We both engage in dedicated sustainability projects, as well as manage sustainability aspects of various project types.

We support your organisation with


Our advice is rooted in research on social-ecological systems and resilience thinking, combined with solid business management experience.

We help ensuring that your actions and processes are based on a truly informed sustainability perspective (including use of our extensive network of expertise), while keeping strong commercial viability.

We ensure you keep a high pace


We take on interim sustainability management positions to ensure your transformational journey towards nature-positive business stays up to speed.

Empower the driving force within

Education & Inspiration

Engaging your employees, sparking intrinsic motivation, and encouraging already existing positive values will strengthen your progress in the pursuit of realising a truly sustainable business model.


We offer services within the following focus areas


We help you through the process of assessing, preparing and implementing regulatory frameworks & directives such as CSRD/ESRS and the EU Taxonomy. 

Our offer includes, e.g., CSRD Gap analysis, Double Materiality analysis and assessment and implementation of sustainability data management tools. 


We hold specific expertise in biodiversity and nature-related voluntary frameworks and initiatives, primarily TNFD and SBTN.

We also help you assess relevance and set goals in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability strategy

We help you get started on your sustainability journey, and to progress from whichever position you are currently in.

To be successful in this process, it is fundamental that sustainability and business strategies are aligned and seen as inextricably linked.

Value & Supply Chain

With experience that includes industrial operations management, asset management, IT project management and sustainability research, we offer a truly transdisciplinary perspective and competence.

Your sustainability management partner

In addition to the service offer within our focus areas, we actively use our extensive network of sustainability expertise to help engage the right people and team for your particular sustainability challenge. We strongly believe in cooperation and are not experts in all sustainability aspects - but are very likely to know someone who is.


We have specific expertise in the following sectors

Retail & Food chain

We specifically focus on retailers' position in the value chain, and take on project management and advisory functions using a sustainable food systems perspective.

Real estate

With extensive experience from commercial real estate asset & investment management, we have a special transdisciplinary expertise in this field. While technical solutions and methods for energy efficiency, certifications according to BREEAM or LEED, and reporting standards such as GRESB are often in place, we help RE corporations employ a holistic perspective and future-fit sustainability strategy. 


The financial sector plays a key role in driving transformation to form a sustainable future. We help in the assessment and implementation of frameworks and initiatives relevant for the financial industry, guide double materiality analysis, and provide a holistic overview that integrates financial risk and sustainability risk.


Being a small or medium-sized company brings opportunities to be fast-moving and agile, while having subject-specific sustainability expertise in-house may not be financially rational.

We provide cost-efficient, tailored services and use our extensive network to ensure the relevant expertise and experience is engaged to cater to your needs.


Your sustainability management partner
  • Social-ecological perspective

    Using resilience thinking as a lens

  • Behavioural focus

    We acknowledge that understanding human behaviour is a key to achieving sustainability transformation

  • Commercial thinking

    We believe that taking sustainability seriously aligns with sound business goals

Our vision

Make it Circular is founded on the idea that integration of valid and grounded sustainability science needs to become a natural part of responsible and future proof business models.
Doing the right things for the future of your company should be naturally aligned with what is good for the planet and future generations.

Olof Hallgren

After 15 years in management consulting, IT and commercial real estate asset & investment management, I decided I wanted to help transfer scientific knowledge into well-informed and efficient corporate action.

MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management (Linköping University, SE)

MSc in Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development (Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, SE)


We are always open to discuss ideas and projects, or whatever is on your mind, over a fika.

Surbrunnsgatan 11, SE-114 27 Stockholm

+46 768 71 50 26